Easy upgrade to basic stockings

Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Christmas decorations are mostly from the year we graduated from college and moved in together – we bought an apartment-full of decorations as cheaply as we could. Then we ran out of storage space and I asked my parents to hang on to our decorations – then somehow, every year, we’re never able to get them in time for the holidays!  I ended up buying a smaller replacement set of decorations, again as cheaply as possible. So now we’ve got two sets of the most basic stockings you can get, and twice I’ve ended up making similar upgrades so they weren’t quite so plain!

With our first set of stockings, I found some iron-on letters with our initials. This (grainy) pic is from the year I first made them – 2005! Ahh where does the time go?!

That also happened to be the Christmas that Bryan surprised me with this adorable little fur-baby – Aria was only about 8 weeks old when she became a part of our family on this Christmas!

Fast forward a few years – Once I got the replacement stockings I kept them plain in the beginning. Then this past weekend I finally gave them a little extra sumthin-sumthin. I got a 3-pack of felt star ornaments from Michaels for $1, then glued them to our stockings. Take a look – it’s not bad for a $0.33 upgrade, eh?

Maybe one of these days we’ll actually get something other than the cheap, furry stockings, but for now I’m happy with these. Whether you use iron-on decals or glue, this is a simple way to make basic stockings look a little more unique!

What kind of stockings do you hang in your house?? During most of my childhood, I had a cartoony looking reindeer that would light up and sing a song when you pressed it. My taste was impeccable. 😉

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