Foreign Coin Magnets

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What do you do with your foreign coins? We never really figured out what to do with them – they just sort of turn up randomly around the house, although whenever I see them, it makes me happy. When I saw a pin on this post from Tattered Style, I knew I finally had a foreign coin solution!

These were the coins I was able to find after a quick search, since like I said, we don’t really have a spot where we keep them. I used round magnets and a hot glue gun. My magnets didn’t seem very powerful and some of the coins were fairly heavy, so I was afraid they might not stick well, but they work perfectly fine. This project literally just takes a few minutes, looks great (they’re classy looking magnets, aren’t they??), and brings back happy memories whenever I go to the fridge. I love them!

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