Dream Home: Kiawah Island Style

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Have you looked at the HGTV Dream Home yet? And have you been entering to win the sweepstakes? I know there’s about a one in a bazillion chance of winning, but I’ve still been entering us just about every day. Someone’s gotta win it, right?? Maybe this is our year 😉

Although everything in the house isn’t necessarily my style, there’s no denying this is an absolutely amazing house. As I was going through all the photos on HGTV’s website, I decided to include one photo from each space in this post to provide a quick way to glance through the whole house and share my thoughts. Get ready – there are a ton of photos (but this is only a tiny fraction of the ones on HGTV if this leaves you wanting more!).

Front porch – I love everything about it – the decking, the door, the simple greenery, the Greek key fabric on the chairs, even the siding (which is actually PVC made to look like cedar)


Entry – Built in seating always makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. How adorable is this seat in the entry area?
Great Room – If you’ve seen the floor plans for our house, you might have guessed that I have a major crush on high ceilings. I love that modern fireplace too, and all the windows looking out to the marshes.
Deck – In a place like Kiawah Island, you need a great deck. And this is a great deck.
Plunge Pool – Ok I failed at posting one pic per space since this is technically part of the deck, but I couldn’t skip over this. This pool may be small, but I love the sleek look of it. Just imagine it all lit up at night!
Kitchen – The kitchen’s not really my style, but I bet it would be a dream to cook in while staring out those windows.
Dining Room – All of the green that they’ve used widely through the house isn’t really calling my name, but I’m still love the style of this room. And those light fixtures!
Pantry – In general, I’m not a big fan of fabric panels since I think they can look a little cheesy, but I like the fabric choice a lot, plus this isinside the pantry. You know, the space that looks like a closet in most houses (if you’re lucky enough to have one)?? This one’s pretty fancy. And it has a wine fridge. And doggie art.
Laundry Room – The laundry room is fairly basic but has lots of space.


Master Bedroom – This bedroom seems so cozy. I love the canopy bed and the rug.
Master Bathroom – I think the master bath is amazing. You can’t even see the huge glass shower or the frosted glass toilet room in this pic. I would happily soak in that tub any day!


Powder Room – Is it bad that when I look at the powder room pics, it makes me think someone forgot to pull off the Frog Tape? Like I said, this green’s not my hue of choice, but otherwise I think it’s a nice space.


Bunk Niche – I’m not sure I’m totally sold on the idea of a bunk niche (seems like it’s not closed off and the curtain just goes around the beds?), but I this this bright & beachy look is perfect for a kid’s sleeping area in this house. 


Loft – One word: beams! Aren’t they gorgeous?
Guest Suite Bedroom – I like the light and airy feel of the guest bedroom, and love the detail of the bed posters.


Guest Suite Bathroom – The guest bath is simple with clean lines and continues the light & airy feel of the guest bedroom. I like this space a lot.


Twin Suite Bedroom – I think this is a fun, beachy space for younger guests.
Twin Suite Bathroom – The beachy bathroom complements the twin bedroom well. I love the Carrera marble tile.
Garage – The garage is spacious & functional. And it has kayaks in it! (Yes, the kayaks excite me more than the GMC – I love the water and I’m much more a car girl than an SUV girl… but don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be opposed to winning an SUV too)


Playroom – What a great space to gather! I was expecting a young children’s room since they call it the playroom, but this is plenty of fun for grown-ups too. I love the indoor-outdoor feel and the swinging mattress. Next to the ping pool table is a 60-in TV.
Front Yard – I think this is such a beautiful beach house!
Side Yard – By the side yard is yet another place to gather, and this one has a nice view of the marsh. How awesome are those lanterns?


Around the Area  – I’ve never been to Kiawah Island, but from what I’ve heard it’s a relaxing and family-friendly vacation area. Sounds nice to me – I love the beach!

What’s your favorite part of the house?? I’m having a hard time deciding but think I have to go with the deck – such a great spot to relax in the evening or entertain friends (or go for a dip!). My least favorite room is the kitchen… but I’m sure I could get used to it 😉

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