Five Friday Favorites #4

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week. Personally, I’m just feeling slightly freaked out that it’s May already. How did that happen?!

Favorite recipe: It’s almost cinco de mayo! Last year we went to a cinco de mayo party and brought creamy baked chicken taquitos. I really enjoyed them and intended to make them again, then totally forgot about them (until now!). Definitely turned out better than my sangria that day (note: too much ice can turn into very watery sangria…)

Favorite DIY for the home: I’ve generally been trying to pull things that are at least a little obscure for these posts (as in avoiding current posts from uber-popular blogs), but these tree stump tables from A Beautiful Mess were just too perfect. Earlier in the week, I was thinking about the fallen trees we’ll need to clear out of our backyard and whether we could do anything cool with the wood – then, voila! – these lovely little tables appeared before me. I love the decision to use white stain on them too.

Favorite travel inspiration: We saved a ton of money on our flights to the UK by taking a 10-hour layover in Iceland. And I’m really excited about getting a little taste of a new country! This week, I planned out an itinerary for the layover, but it left me wishing we had time to do more. Even with more time, I’m guessing we wouldn’t have the opportunity to go trekking through ice caves, but how amazing is this cave in Skaftafell??

Favorite Pinterest board: Normally, I’m a practical Pinterest user – pinning ideas (even if I don’t ever actually get to 99% of them) and not paying too much attention to the pins of photos that are just there to make you smile. But this board – that I don’t even know how I ended up following – has me kind mesmerized. And Doors to Other Worlds couldn’t be a more fitting name.

Favorite beds: I’ve seen hanging daybeds outdoors (and I love them) but never actual hanging beds in a bedroom. How amazing are these hanging rope beds for a traditional nautical house on the water? I wonder how hard it is to anchor those suckers to the ceiling. And how much you can really swing on them – hopefully  it’s pretty difficult to swing so hard you crash into the walls!
Enjoy your weekend!

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