Got stairs?

Monday, May 13, 2013

So even though our framing has been completed for a little while, we didn’t have any stairs. Which meant we couldn’t see the whole 2nd floor, even though it was right there above us. Such a tease!

Well we finally got our stairs the week of April 28! Here are some terrible, low light phone pictures from the 2nd floor (when will I ever learn?!).

View of the family room from the upstairs hall
The upstairs hall with its lovely temporary railings


Bryan & Smokey in one of the bedrooms


Master bedroom


Master bath


Bryan’s closet. Didn’t get a pic of mine, but I looove it!


This view will look really different once those walls are filled in





Stairway splits to go to the foyer & kitchen area


Back on the 1st floor, looking into the dining room



Electrical meter is up but not connected


We spotted some critter tracks (not sure what kind of critter though?) and some deer tracks next to these

Most of the next steps are kind of boring – electrical, plumbing, duct work. Of course, it’s awesome to move closer to being done, but they’re not exactly the most exciting pieces to watch. The other upcoming step is the brick & siding – that’s the most fun next step and then it will look like a complete house from the outside (hooray!)…although I hope I like how it looks; kinda anxious about that!

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