Here’s to the beginning of the end of my 20s…

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I turned 29 last week on the 8th. Yikes! Time goes by way too fast now. Wasn’t I just 25, like, last year?? The best part about my birthday was this awesome video Bryan put together for me. Isn’t he the best?? 🙂 The video starts with general photos from our life, then has a travel section, then a wedding section. It is pretty long, so if you’re only going to watch a bit, I’d recommend checking out 4:50 and 6:25 (and watching each of those for a few seconds with the volume on). I love it!!

Here are a few birthday related Instagrams – Bryan took me out for dinner at a tasty Peruvian restaurant, my parents sent me these lovely flowers, and my nieces made me this awesome card (although my older niece is 10 years and the younger is 10 months, so I think one of them was a little more involved than the other!).

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