{House update} Feeling like a real house

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wow, I’m behind on the house updates! I left off here – in late June, when drywall had just been installed.

In late June/early July, the drywall was taped and spackled, so we had these nice bright white stripes and spots all over the walls and ceiling. The siding that had been delayed for ages finally got put up, the interior doors were delivered, and they started installing the trim.

In late July, the walls were painted and the stair balusters were added. Light fixtures and ceiling fans went in, and we could finally go see the house at night! We got a garage door, and all the cabinets were delivered (which pretty much took up the entire family room!).

In the beginning of August, the cabinets and tile were installed, followed by the countertops. We also got our fireplace mantel, security system, and thermostat & HVAC units.

Most recently, it’s just been some random little things – mirrors, laundry sink, toilets, door stoppers, new locks, towel bars and toilet paper holders… that kind of stuff. The hardwoods were delivered, so they should be going in soon. In my mind, the floors are the last ‘big’ thing – otherwise, it just seems like a lot of little odds & ends that need to be finished up. We’re definitely getting close!

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