{House update} Webs, tubs, bricks, puffiness, jungle, & a skull

Friday, June 21, 2013

My last house update was of our first time checking out the 2nd floor, after the stairs had been installed – that was basically the status of the house in early May, just before we left for vacation. When we returned, we found that they had been busy – plumbing, electrical, duct work, bathtubs… all that fun stuff had been installed. The intricate webs/spiders that go on behind the walls are pretty crazy looking (all the black ducts that connect in the center of the attic looked like a giant spider to me)! We also found that the brick had been delivered…

A couple days later the brick was up on the garage…

Then halfway up the front of the house! And then it stayed there like that for a while – they ran out of the accent color brick and it took a while for the rest to be delivered. Meanwhile, we noticed other small things here and there being completed inside.


By early June, the insulation was in! I was happy to see this because the insulation is in phase 4 of our loan, while the brick & siding that still weren’t complete were in phase 3. Since the builder hadn’t been paid for phase 3 yet, I was glad to see they were willing to move forward into the next phase while they were waiting on the remainder of the phase 3 materials to be delivered.

And just for fun, here are a couple of random pics. An instagram of our jungle of a backyard…

And this guy. This jolly skull and crossbones has been sitting in our basement for months! Not sure what his original purpose was, but he makes me smile.

I’ve been so far behind in showing this progress, there’s still more to tell. I’ve got a second post coming up soon to show the rest!

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