{House Update} Wraps and windows and doors, oh my!


Friday, April 26, 2013

The house is speeding along so fast lately, I can’t believe it. We stop by every couple of days, and each time we go, we see so much progress! Here’s what she’s looking like now…

But first, let me rewind. Back…way, way back to last Sunday. At that point in time, the framing was done and we had a big wooden shell.

We got to see our family room (with walls) for the first time. All those windows and the openness of it just makes me oh-so-happy!!

Here’s a quick little photo tour around the house as of Sunday…

On Tuesday, I just did a quick drive-by. The house has been all wrapped up like a nice little present, and all of the windows and exterior doors have been added.

On Wednesday evening, we went back to check it out again, and the roof had been wrapped (Or ‘covered’, or something? It’s black now, but the shingles aren’t on yet). We also discovered that the stairs had been delivered, although they hadn’t been installed.

Here’s the back of the house – it’s hard to get much of it in the pic without climbing the construction fence and traipsing through the woods.

Here are the stairs just begging to be installed in the foyer.

Smokey seems so excited every time we visit (granted, he’s pretty excited anytime we visit anywhere but the vet). He kept hopping up on the window sills to take a peek outside.

And another little photo collage tour, circa Wednesday…

On Thursday afternoon, we were back again because we had a meeting with the superintendent, although I didn’t take any pictures then – I’m sure you’re really upset about that. If anyone made it this far down in the post, that is. (Hello? Anyone out there?). The meeting resulted in a few more things to add to our task list – buy ‘no trespassing’  signs (we haven’t had any issues, but we forgot we were told to do that at the start for liability purposes) and contact all of the utility providers to get them moving on everything. He had hoped to have the stairs installed by then, but the guy that was supposed to install them had an accident while on another site involving a bungee cord and his eye… so awful! I’m so eager to have the stairs put in so we can see the 2nd floor, but I think the poor guy’s eye takes precedence.

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