Living Room Furniture

Friday, November 1, 2013

We are so, SO close to moving in! I know, I’m way overdue for a house update. Strangely enough, now that it’s so close to being finished, I haven’t been taking pictures. As it was being built, I felt like I had to document what it looked like at each stage since it was constantly evolving. Lately, I just haven’t been worrying about it, since I know I can just get pics next time!

Living Room Furniture

In other news, we’ve started getting serious about all the shopping we need to do. We are basically starting over from scratch. We moved in together eight years ago, so not only is everything we have getting a little old/boring, we were poor kids just out of college at that point, so it is most definitely time for an upgrade! We’re bringing our bed (even though I want to upgrade that too, I figure the upstairs can wait a bit for a refresh), but we need to get everything else! So the question we’ve been asking ourselves lately is: What big purchases we need to buy right away so we can live comfortably? Currently, that list includes:

  • Washer & dryer (the only major appliances not included with the house – already purchased during a Columbus Day sale)
  • TV (yes, this is a ‘need right away’ item for us, sad as that may be! Also already purchased during a Columbus Day sale)
  • Sectional for the family room (picked out – will post about that later)
  • Stools for the island (the island is going to serve as our temporary table since I want to build tables for the dining room and kitchen – also already picked out)
So now that we have a plan for the must-haves, I started thinking about the less-important-but-fun items. In particular, the living room – this is the formal living room in the front of the house that probably won’t get a ton of use. That presents a dilemma, since it’s the first thing people see when they walk though the door so I want it to be pretty, but I don’t want to spend a ton since it’s definitely on the ‘less important rooms’ list.

Amazingly, ALL of World Market furniture is 25% off right now. Umm… perfect!  That wonderfully timed sale has helped me decide what I *think* our living room furniture is going to be. I whipped up this quick little mood board on Polyvore to see how it all looks together, and I’m feeling pretty happy with it. Clearly, this is a basic mood board with the major furniture only, but I’m not ready to start thinking details yet (or rugs – does anyone else hatebuying rugs? So hard!).

I knew I wanted a white couch and had spotted this one a little while ago, but it was more than I wanted to spend. At 25% off though, I can handle it! I was less decided on the chairs – I knew I wanted something with blue or gray tones, but that was about it. I decided to go with these solid fabric chairs since they’ll allow me to play around more with pillows and mix things up for the seasons – although I definitely want to add some nailhead trim down the sides of them! I had no ideas on a coffee table before yesterday, but immediately fell in love with this hammered coffee table that brings in amazing texture. Those kinds of global chic pieces that feel a little exotic are exactly why I love World Market so much! (and no, this isn’t sponsored by them!)

Beyond still needing to figure out all the smaller details, we also need to install hardwoods in this room. We only got hardwood in the standard areas since it was so expensive to upgrade the flooring in any extra rooms through the builder, but we want to at least put them in the living and dining rooms pretty quickly. In the meantime, this white couch with the white carpet and almost white walls is going to look a little, um, white! But picture it a few months after we move in with medium toned hardwoods, gray walls, a rug, and some throw pillows and such… I’m digging it!

P.S. Have you tried making mood boards on Polyvore yet? The fashion side of it is old news, but the addition of the home stuff is pretty new – it’s super easy to use!

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