Planning the future basement

Saturday, August 4, 2012

There are so many decisions to make. As indecisive as I am, it’s still really nice to have control over everything in your house. We just picked out our basement window, exit, and bathroom rough-in locations this weekend – which was sort of tough to figure out since we’re not getting the basement finished right away. We decided on this layout – they initially had the exit on the right side, but that’s directly under where the kitchen exit is, where we want to install a deck. We had 2 large and 3 small windows included as standard, so we put the large windows on the sides and small windows in the back since those will be by the patio. Eventually we want to put a bedroom in the space on the right and have a big rec room in the rest of the back side of the basement – but for now, all the space on the 2 main stories will be plenty for us!

We ended up switching to 3 large windows instead of the 2 large & 3 small. Either of those two window options was included as standard, but window wells weren’t included. Due to the slope of our land (or lack of slope, actually), we need wells on all the windows (and they were surprisingly pricey!). We switched to the 3 total windows instead of 5 to avoid paying for the extra wells. As long as we’re getting some natural light in the basement, that’s really all I care about!

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