{Recipe} Beignets

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Phew, it’s been one of those weeks! Since I haven’t been posting lately, I thought I’d give you this quick recipe post. And by ‘recipe’ I mean link to someone else’s recipe, along with a rather ugly photo I took since I hadn’t originally planned on blogging about these. But even if the photo is ugly, these suckers are tasty!!

A few weeks back I was in the mood to make some full-on indulgent sweets, and I told Bryan to pick something from my dessert pin board. He had just been to New Orleans for a bachelor party, so *shocker* he picked beignets without hesitation. I was a little intimated by them – not only was I a deep frying virgin, but I had no thermometer to check the temp of the oil – but they were surprisingly easy to pull together.

Here’s the recipe I used from Seeded at the Table.

A few things I learned: This recipe makes a boatload of beignets, and they don’t stay fresh for long (day-old donuts, anyone?), so you might want to cut the recipe down if you’re not making them for a gathering. Second, if you don’t cut down the recipe, make sure you have a really large bowl for the dough to rise!

I think these would be great to bring to brunch at a friend’s or to make for breakfast when extended family is visiting!

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