{Recipe} Bread Love: The Naan Edition

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Saturday, all! I am oh-so-very excited for the weekend, and I hope you are too! If you have a little free time this weekend and are in the mood for some tasty bread, you might want to give making your own naan a try.

I’ve had this post in draft form for weeks now, and multiple times I’ve opened it up to finish, then couldn’t figure out what to say. This is the recipe I used – not my recipe, but I wanted to share it since I liked it so much. I had a few tips I thought I might share, but then I didn’t think it worked without posting the recipe too, but I didn’t want to copy the recipe… so I just kept leaving my draft.

Then I realized that, really, all I want to say is this: I tried this naan recipe. I thought it was awesome – easy, quick, turned out delicious. Bryan’s verdict was that it was much better than the store bought kind (and he sounded awfully surprised about that!). If you’re a big naan fan, I think it’s worth giving the recipe a try!

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