UK 2013, Part 3: Edinburgh

Friday, May 31, 2013

On Wednesday morning, we had yet another big tasty meal with our hosts in the Lake District before making the two-hour drive to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, Scotland

After some lunch and checking into the hotel, we started our visit with a tour of the city.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Later in the afternoon, the girls went to a whisky & chocolate tasting at Whiski Rooms. I’m not a regular whisky drinker, but this was such a fun experience (and c’mon, you’ve gotta have Scotch in Scotland, right?!). We also got to try haggis chocolate as one of the pairings – it was a lot tastier than it sounds!

Whisky tasting in Edinburgh
After the tasting, the guys met up with us again in the adjoining bar. We went out for dinner and saw a huge rainbow on the way. After dinner, three of us went on a creepy tour of the underground vaults.
Edinburgh at Night
The next morning, we spent some more time wandering around the city and took a walk up to Edinburgh castle before heading out on the road again.
Edinburgh, Scotland

I thought Edinburgh was such a lovely city, and I’d definitely enjoy spending some more time there!

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