Pining for a great outdoor space

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I stayed home from work sick today since whatever’s been going around finally hit me. I’ve started to feel a lot better this afternoon though, and it also happened to be about 70 degrees today (in December, in the DC area, crazy!). All I really wanted to do was lounge outside.

Our sad little patio

But this is our patio. It’s… well…at least it’s a patio, and I’m thankful that we have some sort of outdoor space (and being on the ground floor is a definite plus with a dog!). But it’s so small, and the furniture we have out there is fine for a quick meal but not comfy to relax on. It’s also not at all private – it’s right by the parking lot and there are always a bazillion people walking by (or in today’s case, a big noisy truck and workmen). Not exactly the outdoor retreat I was craving today.

We ended up taking a little walk to the dog park just to get outside a bit, even though lounging outside sounded a lot better than walking.

Even after we got back, I just kept thinking about how amazing it would be to have a nice outdoor space… like a REALLY nice outdoor space… like one of these…

Ok – stopping myself there. I could look at outdoor spaces all day – firepits and outdoor chimneys, pools and hot tubs, built-in barbecues ..ahhhh, so nice! Once we move into our house, I realize it’ll be a long time before we have much going on in the backyard – but we will have a yard, and I can put a comfy chair in it, and I won’t be disturbed by people on the sidewalk 10 feet away – and that is plenty for me to look forward to!

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