Pet Holiday Wishlists

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hey there everyone! I’m participating in today’s All Pets Want for Christmas blog hop. Since we have both a dog and a cat in our family, I decided to put together a wishlist for each of them with products ranging from simple to luxury to high tech (in other words, they will not be getting everything they want for Christmas, but hey, they can dream!). If anything catches your eye, there are links where you can buy the products listed under each photo.

Once your done looking at Aria & Smokey’s lists, hop around to the rest of the blogs participating! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Aria’s Kitty Wishlist

  1. The Willie Tribal Dog/Cat Collar XS Dogs/Puppies Aztec by zeezoes, $25.00
  2. Kitty Washroom Cabinet, $99.98
  3. Dog Cat Food and Water Feeder / Bowl Holder by modernmews on Etsy, $68.00
  4. FroliCat™ DART™ automatic rotating laser light, $39.95
  5. K&H Thermo-Kitty Cave Heated Cat Bed in Mocha with Leopard Print, $83.49
  6. Adult Cat Tree House, $699.00 – $1,500.00
  7. SUSHI CAT TOY catnip sashimi crochet organic by meowadays on Etsy, $20.00

Smokey’s Puppy Wishlist

  1. Christmas Dog Collar 3/4 or 1 LQuick Release by fairytailcollars, $17.00
  2. Ruff Wear Quinzee Insulated Jacket Granite Gray, $84.95
  3. Plexidor® Electronic Pet Door with One Touch Programming, $1,149.00
  4. Dog Tail Leash Holder Paw Paws Personalize It by AplombDesigns, $15.95
  5. Dog Bed Blanket Simon The Shark PetCosy Silly Pet by rikarika, $45.00
  6. Tandy Pet Bed, $371.00
  7. Squishy Travel Pet Water Bowl Chartreuse Garden by dudleyandbea, $24.00
  8. Tagg Tracker – GPS Pet Tracking, $99.95
  9. 24” Braided Candy Cane Rawhide, $19.99
  10. I was rescued Pet ID Tag Mixed Metals by FetchAPassionTags on Etsy, $13.50
  11. All Natural Peanut Butter Barks by GigglesandBarks, $2.50

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