Halloween Bottles

Friday, October 26, 2012

We’re having a lazy Friday night of some drinks on the couch while watching a Walking Dead marathon on Netflix. Watching all those zombies got me inspired to make some quick, easy, & practically free creepy bottles to use for Halloween decor – using these great labels from the Ellinée blog.

I first got the idea to do this when I saw these bottles at World Market. I really liked them, but I’m way too cheap to pay $30 for empty bottles – and they looked so simple to make (minus the snazzy colors and stoppers, of course). I actually started making my own labels but then got sidetracked and never finished – and when I stumbled across the free printable labels from Ellinée today through the Creativity Exchange’s post on favorite Halloween ideas, I decided to just use those instead since I liked them more than the ones I had started!


  • Empty glass bottles (I used a wine bottle, 2 beer bottles, and a hot sauce bottle)
  • Printed labels (you can download the ones I used here)
  • Scissors & glue (if you printed on regular paper rather than label paper)
  • Corks or other stoppers (optional)
  • Twine (optional)

Cost: Basically free!
The first (and worst) step of the process is to get the old labels off your bottles. I started by soaking mine in very hot soapy water for about ten minutes…

This method worked like magic for the beer bottles. I was all excited and did a little happy dance for my new found trick. But I danced too soon – for my other bottles, especially the wine bottle, the labels were a lot trickier to remove. Those took some scraping and I ended up busting out the Goo Gone. Once you give your bottles a good rinsing and dry them off.

Next, cut out your labels. These were designed for wine bottles and will fit those perfectly. For my smaller bottles, I just cut the borders off rather than resizing, although I do think they look nicer with the full label.

Then glue on your labels. I used an Elmer’s glue stick (don’t judge – I couldn’t find anything around the house that would work better!).

For the stoppers, I put a full cork in the wine bottle (duh), cut one in half for the two beer bottles, and cut out a small piece of cork for the skinny hot sauce bottle opening. I had some twine lying around and decided to wrap up the top of one of the beer bottles to make it look a little different than the other. Then I decided to wrap the clear one up a bit too to make it look a little more interesting.

Here are a couple of pics of the final product. I like them even better in the candlelight



Thanks so much to Ellinée for designing and sharing these labels!

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