Perfect fall day for a hike (at our future park!)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One of the best things about the location of our new house is the fact that it’s walking distance to a park – and not just any ol’ park, but Lake Accotink Park – which is almost 500 acres including a 55 acre lake! And one of the trails through it is the Cross County Trail, which (you’re going to be shocked at this) is a trail that spans across the whole county. For my marathon runner hubby, it’ll be great to have access to miles and miles of trails that he can run to straight from the front door. I don’t need quite so many miles, but I’m super excited to have a such a close place to go for a hike, take out the kayaks, go for a (slow & short) run, or just generally escape to nature.

It was a beautiful fall day today, so we thought we’d go for a little hike in ‘our’ future park. Here are a few of the pics. (Sidenote – I can go a little overboard with pictures. I always take too many, and I always have a hard time weeding them down. This is a lot of photos for one blog post, but I had almost 50, so be proud of me for reducing them this much at least! )

Welcome to the lake!


Lake Accotink dam


The lake in all its fall loveliness


This is the entrance close to our new house
Yellow trees + blue skies
Smokey is an excellent hiker (except when there are squirrels – he almost ripped my arm out…)


He looks a little worried (maybe because he knows he almost ripped my arm out?)


Heron! Somehow Smokey didn’t notice him, even though the bird was taller than he is
What are these berries?? I don’t know, but they’re pretty!
Getting close to dusk
Smokey was going nuts at the little beach area. Wouldn’t sit still for a sec!
One of the trails goes across this cute little bridge


The marina area

Doesn’t it look like a great park? Definitely a perk of our location!

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